Webquests – How I can use them

 The Webquest I liked:


Introducing Microsoft Excel and how it can be used in a specific trade is part of the course that I teach. The above is a good Webquest that introduces Excel to students. I like this Webquest also because the author uses a flipped classroom approach which I generally use in my classroom.

Based on the six parts that a typical Webquest contains, I would create my Webquest as follows. As an example, I’m going to use the automotive trade.


I would introduce the Webquest as an assignment to find out how work orders and maintenance reports are created using Microsoft Excel.

The task would be create a customized work order or vehicle maintenance report using Microsoft Excel using formatting that have been taught in class.
Information sources:


This link provides tutorials to Excel formatting that students have already learnt in class.


This link provides access to examples of various Excel work order templates that already exist.

This link shows a Youtube video example of how a work order can be created.

I will provide these information sources in the process section of the Webquest.

I would list the following steps in the this section –

  1. Review all the formatting that we learnt in class. Use this link to refresh your memory.
  2. Use this link to look at examples of work order templates that already exist.
  3. Watch this video as an example of how work orders can be made on Excel.
  4. Create the Excel sheet with all the basic requirements that need to present on a work order.
  5. Be as creative as you can be.

Guidance / Evaluation:

The guidance part would be more of an evaluation step to make sure the work is done correctly.

  1. Make sure you have all the required fields on the work order.
  2. Make sure all the formulas work by trying out different numbers in all the fields.
  3. Make sure your work order prints on 1 page.


In the conclusion part, I would congratulate the students on completing the assignment and provide instructions on when and where the assignment needs to be submitted.

A Webquest is a great tool that I would definitely be using in the future to make assignments more interesting.

Webquests – How I can use them

2 thoughts on “Webquests – How I can use them

  1. Goodday Vijay,
    The way that you wrote your blog helped me better understand the Web Quest Process.
    For me, seeing this was better that the other sites that i saw on the web or even the videos.
    I will be using your blog as reference later on when I create and actual web quest.



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