Inquiry project – Reflection

The inquiry project was a very interesting learning experience for me. The project reinforced my belief that student centered learning is very effective. The whole project reminded me of what students go through when they learn something new. I had procrastinated for a long time to learn to use my DSLR camera properly, and the inquiry project started as a good opportunity for me to start learning it. After that, as I went through the stages of my project, I started looking at all the opportunities students could have in student centered learning methods like this inquiry project.

Looking for a source

The first step was to look for all the right sources to start my learning. For me, when I thought about how I learn best, I knew right away that the best lesson would be a one on one demonstration. When students are given the opportunity to find themselves the sources that support their learning, it gives them an opportunity to find the best source that suits their personal learning styles. The learning, I feel, is much better in the students’ preferred styles rather than conventional teacher centered methods where content is provided and the students need to learn only from that.

Staying on track

Maintaining a journal to write down goals, list steps and record progress, was very helpful in staying on track through the learning process. The journal was a great tool that I could refer to whenever in doubt. Getting students to use such tools and share them with instructors can be very helpful, both, for the students to keep track of their work, and for the teacher to track students’ progress.

Not just the inquiry project, but the whole course has showed me a lot of ways to improve the student centered learning in my classroom which I will try to implement right away.

Inquiry project – Reflection